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Total Productive Maintenance

One aspect of lean manufacturing is total productive maintenance (TPM). This process coincides with becoming lean, and refers to a proactive system of implementing efficiency before it becomes compromised. Total productive maintenance is focused on the repair end of the company, and is a process that has been developed to boost OEE through deterioration prevention as well as the reduction of maintenance. When the need for maintenance is reduced, more actual work gets done, and so total productive maintenance is essential to a completely lean company.

For example, when all proactive measures are taken, and check lists are made to ensure that machines are running at optimum, less time is spent on the repair of these machines. This is all part of total productive maintenance. Another aspect of total productive maintenance is the reduction of losses through precautionary steps. The company as a whole saves money and time when less expenditure is made from downtime through total productive maintenance.

When implementing total productive maintenance in the appropriate setting, our training products uses the classic model developed in Japan to identify the six major sources of loss, and then we create a systematic plan to eliminate these losses while making improvements. Total productive maintenance is a great way to automate some of the maintenance that needs to be routinely made on your company and equipment, and with this system, we consider all of the losses that are being made, and develop a plan to eliminate these losses while decreasing the need for manual maintenance.

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