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5S Training Videos

5s training videos are a great way to educate your employees on the key principals of running lean. When you buy 5s training videos you are investing in a lasting training program that is useful as a guide to refer back to, as well as a great way to start off training a new employee in the processes of your company. 5s training videos can save you time and money as opposed to hosting live training sessions.

By using these videos, you can expose your company to professional and proven methods of getting lean and staying lean. For many people, reading instructional manuals, charts, and graphs is helpful, but to truly retain information a visual aid is needed.

These 5s videos give your employees the full visual experience, and make it easier to apply the methods learned to real life situations. Illustrated in the 5s training videos are the 5 main principals of 5s which are:

    • Sort (Seiri)
    • Set in Order (Seiton)
    • Shine (Seisō)
    • Standardize (Seiketsu)
    • Sustain (Shitsuke)

As a Japanese developed system, all of the principals mentioned above are utilized in the 5s training videos, and are illustrated in detail in a working environment. These hands on tools will help to transform your company into an optimum-efficiency business, and will increase your productivity while shortening your product cycles.

A cleaner and well maintained work place is easy to achieve when you have the detailed instruction and informative examples that are found in our 5s training videos. No matter what you are manufacturing, 5s training videos can be a helpful tool to organize, clean, and improve your work flow. Using these 5s training videos as a part of your lean transformation program will provide deeper understanding to all who watch them.

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