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5s Posters

5s posters are a great way to keep up a motivational reminder to your employees of how the 5s system is to be executed and maintained. Your organization will be given full-time access to helpful tips and colorful illustrated concepts. These 5s posters encompass all of the teachings of the 5s system, and are an excellent tool for keeping order and efficiency in the work place.With helpful advice and easy to understand visuals, these 5s posters take the ideas expressed in the 5s system, and lay them out in a clear and concise manner.

The principals of the 5s system will now be at your fingertips at all times, and are the perfect training tool for new employees. If kept in an easy to see common area of the work place, these 5s posters will prove to motivate and educate your employees while keeping the company running lean. Not only do these 5s posters brighten up the work area, but they also show your clients and inspectors that your work place values the principals of organization and efficiency. Designed to communicate the key concepts taught in the 5s system, your 5s posters will prove to better the work environment by boosting the morale, and making readily available invaluable training materials.

It is one thing to read a lengthy manual on the 5s system, but having bright and colorful displays of the 5s process right at your fingertips is much more user-friendly, and will imprint the 5s teachings upon your employees. Maintaining a lean organization takes constant work and reminders, that’s why these 5s posters are a great tool for keeping these ideas in the front of your employees minds. Want to maintain lean status? Stay current with your 5s training by providing these easy to read 5s posters to your staff.

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