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5S Supplies

5S is a set of activities, that when applied to the workplace, create clear visibility & easy understanding of all conditions & actions

Every other tool of lean we implement will be supported by 5S. If we don’t build a solid base, it won’t support our lean structure and we are subject to failure

Provides the basis for ongoing improvement & elimination of waste

An uncluttered, well-organized, & understandable workplace promotes safety, improved work flow, better product quality & reduced inventory waste

5s supplies are the tools that are used in the 5s implementation, and are a pivotal part of maintaining a clean, organized, and efficient work place. Your 5s supplies will be the deciding factor in the success of your lean transformation, as well as maintaining a status as a lean company. The only way to effectively use the 5s system is to have the right tools, and we provide high quality brand name 5s supplies that have been assisting companies of all sizes with their lean transformations.

Your 5s supplies should be kept neat and organized, that is why we also provide tool boards, color coating materials, and cleaning supplies to keep your 5s supplies in a tidy and accessible area. We also provide 5s supplies for safety and maintenance purposes, supplies like red tags for your machines, colored warning tapes, and all of the paper supplies that are needed for efficient routine checks. Our 5s supplies encompass every aspect of the lean process, and we have a wide selection of this merchandise that is sure to fit the needs of any company, large or small. Investing in 5s supplies is investing in your company’s future by ensuring that the tactics that are learned in the 5s system are well executed by your employees. By keeping a full stock of 5s supplies, you will be saving money in the long run with the amount of waste that will be reduced through the entire lean process. Your 5s supplies are what makes your entire lean transformation possible, and are the most important elements of becoming lean, and maintaining the lean status. Keep your work place well organized, clean, and flowing at its optimum by using our high quality tools. We know that choosing these 5s supplies can be confusing, especially the first time, and we are here to answer any questions, and guide you through the lean process from start to finish.

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